Raid Calculator

The RAID calculators below are for the purpose of RAID planning, choosing RAID disk sizes and selecting the best RAID configurations.

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  • RAID Capacity Calculator - A simple RAID capacity calculator where you provide the number of disks, capacity and a RAID level and simple capacity is calculated.
  • RAID Usable Capacity Calculator - This RAID calculator provides a more accurate measure of capacity when provided drive size, the number of drives and the RAID level to be used.
  • RAIDZ Capacity Calculator - Calculate the simple capacity for RAIDZ, RAIDZ2 and RAIDZ3 by providing the number of drives, drive capacity and ZFS RAID level.
  • RAID iOPS Calculator - Use this calculator to determine the iOPS required by a RAID to support a specific read/write workload and level.

RAID CalculatorThere is comprehensive RAID information available from TechTarget and Wikipedia. We created these calcluators as many of the ones on the Internet that once existed are no longer available. As we use find ourselves performing redundant calculations where we can't find a tool online to do so, we'll continue to add them here.